Partnering in business can be a tricky thing; you and your partner should share in a common vision for the future. But, from that point, business partnerships need to be yin-yang like; one strength where the other's weak and vice versa. Today, you get to meet what we consider to be the Dynamic Duo of business partners.

We'd like to introduce you to Tyrrell Hibbard and Steffan Rasile, the well-bearded co-founders of Gulch Distillers in Downtown Helena Montana.

You'll learn the origin story of Gulch Distillers, and how these two passionately and ethically grow not only their beards, but their business as well.

The Montana Business Podcast is hosted by Joel Silverman. This episode was recorded at the TopFloor Podcast Studio at TopFloor Coworking Space in the heart of downtown Helena, Montana. Which so happens to be a stone's throw away from Gulch Distillers!

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