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Attention all caterers!

The Montana Department of Revenue has changed its rules on catering in regard to alcoholic beverages effective August 10th. (MCA 42.12.128) Our office has reviewed these changes and we think they’ll be beneficial for your catering businesses! Licensees are now allowed to store alcohol at an event site a day before, and a day after the event as long as the alcohol is secure, which prevents access to anyone besides the licensee or licensee’s employees. When the licensee caters an event within 15 feet of its license’s premises, customers will be allowed to bring the alcohol from the catered event into the licensees’ premises, provided all the new rules are met. Be aware however, record retention will be key! Licensees are now required to have an executed written agreement with the event sponsor. This written agreement must be kept for 3 years from the date of the event. If you DO NOT keep the written agreement with the event sponsor on file for 3 years, it could potentially result in a violation down the road. We don’t want anybody to get a violation when it can be so easily prevented, so keep those agreements folks! 

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